Ear Cleaning and Protection

Blocked Ears

It`s very important that ear wax removal is perform by an expert. Blocked ears can also hide a multitude of conditions that need medical attention - so have your ears checked and cleared by an expert. Having your ears cleaned by Heathly Ears means that you have an expert audiologist at you side, who can advise you on all aspects to do with hearing.

Ear Suctioning for Adults and Children

family ear protection small Ear suctioning (micro-suction) is the most favoured method of wax removal because of its universal effectiveness and relative safety. Micro-suction involves drawing out wax through the use of a vacuum. There is NO need to use ear drops beforehand when micro-suction is used – if oil is needed then this will be done at the time of the procedure. Sometimes follow-up appointments are necessary for severe wax blockages. Micro-suction must be performed by a trained clinician. As an expert audiologist, I have been training staff and performing all methods of wax removal for 36 years, mostly in a hospital setting.

Other ear cleaning methods

Removal can be done by syringing - not recommended since very few people perform this procedure safely. The incidence of injury is still too high and now many clinics are shying away from it altogether. But syringing can be perfectly safe when it's being performed by a trained expert. By ear candling – an wholly ineffective technique that weakly draws in cold air and leaves a yellow staining from evaporation. Superficial burning is a significant risk. However, there are some psychological benefits to ear candling (but absolutely no physical benefits). By curettage (manually scooping out wax) – effective and safe only when performed by an expert.

Why choose us

Why choose us

  • · Expert Audiologist
  • · Over 36 years of ear suctioning experience
  • · Same day appointments
  •   Charges per ear – you only pay for what you need
  • · No follow-up charges
  • · Expert advice
  • · Instant online booking
  • · You are guaranteed the safest and most professional service.

Visits to Healthy Ears @ Jules Studio

 Visits to Jules Studio, Transit Way, Plymouth

 From 1st January 2023 there is a small change in prices. Each ear goes up by £5 to £25 per ear, and the one-off charge of £15 for the first appointment is reduced down to just £10.

Please click on the Book Online button to see which clinics and appointment times are available.…

• One-off initial appointment fee £10 - THEN ADD...
• £25 per ear (so maximum charge only £60)

Our service

Our service

  • ·         Ear examinations
  • ·         Micro-suction ear clearing
  • ·         Advice on managing wax
  • ·         Advice on ear care


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